Is the Left Waging War Against Gun Owners?

Jun 26 2014

In an ever-going battle between pro-gun and anti-gun owners, many people are wondering if the social media world is feeding a blitz of leftist propaganda. Is the left, in fact, waging an all-out war on gun ownership cultures? Is there in fact anything wrong with owning guns? Don’t guns go hand in hand with farmers’, […]


Café Gives Solo Diners Stuffed Toys for Company

Jun 14 2014

There are no “lonely tables set for one” at Tokyo, Japan’s The Moomin Café. As a strategy to get rid o the dilemma of eating out alone, part of the café’s standard restaurant equipment are life-size and adorably cute Moomin stuffed toys that solo customers can get as table partners. Lone diners can enjoy the […]


Jenkintown Mayor Goes on 24-Restaurant Tour

Jun 08 2014

In a bid to promote the restaurant industry of Jenkintown, Philadelphia, Mayor Ed Foley went on a gastronomic tour of all the town’s restaurants – all in one day. The tour, which he made on April 19, 2014, is to promote the borough’s first-ever restaurant week dubbed Dine Out Jenkintown. This gut-busting tour had Mayor […]


Tips when Cleaning and Caring for Acrylic Glass

Apr 27 2014

Thank goodness for acrylic! This alternative to real glass has made a lot of things easier and safer. It is light-weight, durable and shatter resistant. Aside from its durability, acrylic glass can also be infused with UV-protective capabilities while still maintaining optimal visual clarity. When processed further, it can filter the harmful UV rays of […]


Does Teaching Children to use Guns Prevent Accidents?

Apr 21 2014

Hotly contested, pro-gun and anti-gun advocates disagree about how to raise children with guns. Pro-gun advocates promote training children at a young age, ensuring that children are comfortable handling guns. They believe this leads to safer gun handling practices, helping avoid accidental discharges. Believing that diminished curiosity helps to decrease shooting accidents, as well as […]


International News: Does Banning Firearms Reduce Violence?

Apr 12 2014

Harvard University’s 2007 “Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?,” study is once again at the forefront of nationwide politics. While most people assume that fewer guns correlates to fewer deaths, this insightful study written by Don B. Kates and Gary Mauser, Ph.D., sheds interesting insight into these misconceptions. In comparing worldwide data, Kates and […]


Children’s Rights Group Urge Stricter Measures for Cross-Border Adoptions in Africa

Mar 05 2014

While international adoptions have decreased for the past years, international adoptions of children from Africa are on the rise. This can be caused in part by the fact that countries such as China and Russia are tightening up (or even halting) adoptions by other countries, particularly the United States. In turn, the numbers indicate that […]


Pinterest is a Prepping Paradise

Jan 28 2014

Pinterest is a growing trend, made popular by women looking to share fashion, style, accessories and recipes. However, today’s Pinterest has been reinvented and is attracting more men than ever before. Why is this trend dominating? More men are turning to Pinterest and sharing their survival prepping ideas. Pinterest is a unique social media-sharing tool […]


How to Make Money Selling Sunglasses

Jan 16 2014

For retailers that want to begin carrying sunglasses, it’s best to look at wholesale sunglasses suppliers. Wholesale designer sunglasses offer a good price point for retailers. Wholesale companies offer a wide selection of styles for sale by the dozen. Whether it’s purchasing identical styles in a variety of colors or an array of designs, wholesale […]


BANNED: Super Bowl Gun Commercial

Jan 01 2014

Set to dominate the airwaves on February 2, the NFL has been gearing up for the celebrated Super Bowl. In preparation, companies submit commercial advertisements months in advance. Daniel Defense, a gun dealer, did just this, only to receive a rejection from FOX that stated, “Unfortunately, we cannot accept your commercial in football/Super Bowl spots […]