Cannabis and Real Estate: How Legalizing Marijuana Opened Up Colorado Real Estate Market

Jul 29 2014

When it used to take months or years to find a buyer for pieces of property in the state of Colorado, aspiring entrepreneurs are now gobbling up real estate properties in a bid to cash in on the growing legalized marijuana market. Searching for Their Own “Pot of Gold” And in Colorado, “pot” is the […]


Canada’s Gold and Potash Projects

May 15 2014

A recent news release highlights that Grizzly Discoveries Inc., is currently pursing profitable gold and potash projects in Canada’s Alberta region. A summary of their mining strategy is as follows: Explore up to 900,000 acres in Alberta, Canada, while targeting a potash deposit that is believed to range from 250 to 500 million tons. Alberta […]


Do Gas and Oil Rights Affect Modern Mortgages?

Mar 31 2014

More homeowners are realizing that gas, oil and mineral rights can equate to profitable incomes. However, there are many areas where homeowners don’t own their lands’ mineral rights, but do own the underlying lands. Mineral rights include a variety of natural resources, such as coal, water, gas or oil. Long ago, many companies purchased mineral […]


Responding to The Affordable Care Act With Cost-Cutting Measures

Mar 08 2014

The year 2014 has seen a significant change in the economic landscape with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). With this law, individuals and small to large businesses are required to enroll in a private insurance plan. The coverage will start on the beginning of the year 2014. Along with […]


The Thriving Popularity of Reality Mining Shows

Feb 24 2014

The first reality show to dominate airwaves was MTV’s “The Real World,” which debuted as an instant hit sensation in 1992. However, PBS claims the very first reality series was “An American Family,” which opened with 12 episodes in 1973. Fast forward years later and “Survivor” has recently been renewed for their 29th and 30th […]


What Determines Mortgage Rates?

Nov 16 2013

Many investors grow frustrated, wondering why they can’t obtain loans with the latest new rates that are heavily advertised online and in the news. This is because banks use several important factors when considering mortgage eligibility and interest rate charges. Credit Score – Traditional banks lend based on the borrower, not necessarily the property. This […]


Will Mortgage Rates Go Down?

Nov 14 2013

The very end of October saw a decrease in mortgage rates. This was in response to the Federal Reserve not reducing its bond-buying program. While average loan rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages dropped to an average of 4.10-percent, the 15-year fixed-rate fell to 3.2-percent. In June, 30-year mortgages increased above the low 4-percent threshold that […]


Unmasked: The Truth Behind Hard Money Lenders

Oct 25 2013

Hard money lenders offer fast loan funding for real estate investors. With flexible terms and the ability to close quickly, hard money lenders are not subject to strict government regulations, which often prohibits many investors from obtaining financing. Case in point: if an investor comes across a hardship, such as a home owner facing bankruptcy […]


Tough Credit: Helping Hard Money Lenders

Oct 23 2013

As with all economic recessions, big businesses fail while relatively obscure unknowns rise. Just as the real estate bubble burst in 2006 and banks began to flail in the wake of the aftermath, hard money lenders took this opportunity to rise from the ashes. Banks, scared to fund anything less than credit perfect loans, has […]


Self Storage for Decorations and Display Props

Apr 04 2013

  In business, holidays and season changes are high-peak selling periods. These are times of the year when people are gearing up for special seasonal activities and celebrations. Many businesses decorate their stores to signify the changes and special festivities taking place, and also to alert and target customers who will be shopping for these […]