The Water Bottle That Has Something No Other Bottles Have

Aug 20 2017

Have you ever been working out, reached for your water bottle to quench your thirst only to get a partial mouthful of air and stale tap water? Whether you’re always on the go or working out, it’s important to stay well hydrated throughout the day. The body is about 60% water, which means we’re always […]


Free Gun Safety Solutions

Jul 23 2014

Responsible gun ownership involves having a well-implemented gun security strategy. This is not debatable, as it is a requirement to help save lives and detour crime. In homes that have children, this is necessary. While education and training is still the best way to prevent gun accidents, it is important to also concentrate on visitors […]


Matching Sunglasses to Outfits

Jul 20 2014

A fashion-forward approach to matching outfits this season involves color-coordinating eyewear and wholesale sunglasses accessories with clothing and outfits. To help determine what styles best suit each person’s needs, consider following this systematic guide. Clothes – Take a good look at clothes – are closets full of primary colors, earth tones or soft pastels? This […]


Study: How Homicide Rates Are Affected by Gun Bans

Jun 29 2014

As mass shootings take precedence on the news, more people seem to be calling for gun control. Is this perhaps a shocking liberal journalism tactic that creates the illusion that society will be safer without guns? Let’s analyze the facts. Many studies and conclusive research indicates that in areas where guns have been banned, homicide […]


Switzerland’s Gun Culture

May 21 2014

The U.S. seems to forever be the subject of gun-related controversy. Whether it’s the second shooting at Ft. Hood or the tragedy surrounding Newtown, Connecticut, Americans are generally pro- or anti-gun rights. Switzerland is a neutral country, not bearing arms or taking part in battle since 1847. However, Swiss citizens are adamant about their rights […]


Celebrities: Licensed to Carry?

May 06 2014

While some of today’s A-list celebrities may be against gun rights, others are proudly displaying their rights to concealed carry. Whether it’s been experiences with stalkers, crazy fans or simply their beliefs that concealed carry is legally permissible under the Second Amendment, the following highlights famous locked and loaded celebrities. Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt […]


Fashion Basics for Summer 2014

Apr 06 2014

Fashionistas know the importance of investing in stylish basics that serve as long-time wardrobe anchors. Offering versatility, staple footwear, clothing and accessories add chic, upscale style to attire. Sunglasses – The go-to, must-have wardrobe accessory are chic sunglasses. Adding stylish flair to any outfit, the right pair of wholesale sunglasses compliments facial geometry, complexion tones […]


Family Portraits: Displaying Your Photos

Mar 02 2014

Family portraits will not only serve as design elements for the home. It can also be a gorgeous and graphic presentation of the family – capturing the family at various times in their lives. As the family grows in number and in age, the living room or dining room wall can trace be a gallery […]


A History of Table Settings

Nov 06 2013

Service plates, also known as charger plates, are decorative plates placed beneath standard dinner plates. Used for more formal events, such as weddings and upscale parties, these plates first gained popularity in the 19th century. Regaining popularity in the early 1990’s, food is not served directly on these charger plates, often causing them to be […]


New Sleep Aid Pill Breakthrough

Apr 15 2013

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