Facebook Plays Vital Role in the Rescue of Abducted Baby

Jul 11 2014

Trois-Rivieres, Quebec.  Hooray for Facebook and social media! A mere three hours after a newborn baby was snatched from the hospital, the police located and arrested the suspected kidnapper thanks to a Facebook post and the alert eyes of one of its users. The Abduction and Search Shortly before 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 26, […]


How Fashion is Influenced by Social Media

Jul 08 2014

Social media heavily influences today’s modern-day fashion. In fact, beauty and luxury brands worldwide are using this new marketing concept to connect with fashionistas on a global level. Social media uses several marketing components to appeal to consumers. Information – Social media allows designers to instantly tweet or post updates on product lines, new releases […]


Caterpillar’s Jenga Game Garners Over 1.5 Million Views

Jun 17 2014

In a social media coup, Caterpillar deftly played the most massive Jenga game ever. The video featured Caterpillar equipment delicately pulling out 27 humongous wooden beams weighing 600-pounds, showing just how precise these machines are. A few days after it was released, the video went viral with some 1.1 million YouTube views (and counting), according […]


Heartbleed Bug Wrecks Havoc on World Wide Web

Jun 05 2014

Heartbleed has been wrecking havoc on the Internet, causing panic to individuals and companies doing vital financial transactions over the web. Heartbleed, which can be  is not actually a virus. Rather, it is a programming error that renders the privacy protection of a supposedly secure website vulnerable to malware and hackers. The bug is named […]


Top Online Marketing Trends

May 18 2014

The Internet has literally revolutionized how companies conduct business and marketing. With a shift towards embracing online advertising and content marketing, 2014 is poised to reinvent the business world. Content Marketing – This trend is expected to dominate this year. Content marketing allows businesses to effectively build trust, while simultaneously providing customers with valuable, entertaining […]


Top Pitfalls of Entrepreneurship

Apr 18 2014

Easy Payment Kiosk highlights the top pitfalls of today’s entrepreneur. Feedback – The only way companies succeed is through trail and error, which results in critical and informative feedback. Even if a company thinks they have a superb idea, the most important goal is achieving revenues. This is why feedback is a critical component to […]


Social Media Encourages Purchases

Apr 15 2014

Social Media has revolutionized the business world. Starting out as a medium where people could share their lives’ stories, update photos and stay in touch despite geographic locations, this advanced resource has evolved into a necessary advertising medium for businesses of all sizes. In fact, nearly 40-percent of all social media users shared or added […]


Five Website Design Must-Haves

Mar 28 2014

Utah web design has a direct impact on conversion rates and user experiences. Quick Loading – Statistics show that nearly 40% of Internet users abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load. This means that companies need to focus on fast-loading designs that are attractive and user-friendly. Web Sales – in 2011 alone, […]


Is Technology Being Used to Ban Guns?

Mar 11 2014

With most Americans jumping on the technology bandwagon, it’s nearly unfathomable that the California anti-business is using this same technology to ban weapons. However, a weapon that relied on advanced technology is now being feared extinct by what once propelled it to great heights. Patented in 1836 by Samuel Colt, the revolving handgun helped tame […]


Breakdown: Restaurant Spending

Feb 21 2014

The latest reports highlight key restaurant spending habits. Restaurants report spending nearly 35-percent of technology budgets on point of sale (POS) solutions. An additional 25-percent is spent on back-office technology, such as computers and bill payment software. Overall, most IT budgets were primarily focused on hardware at 24-percent, while the remaining focused on software components […]