Free Gun Safety Solutions

Jul 23 2014

Responsible gun ownership involves having a well-implemented gun security strategy. This is not debatable, as it is a requirement to help save lives and detour crime. In homes that have children, this is necessary.

While education and training is still the best way to prevent gun accidents, it is important to also concentrate on visitors and friends that may not understand the importance of practicing gun safety.

Most gun safety solutions are free. You read that correctly – completely free! If you prefer more advanced gun safety devices, you can easily purchase those that fit your requirements and specific gun models.

Thanks to several anti-gun campaigns that tout gun protection, many organizations are promoting gun safety, since it is friendlier than saying they are anti-gun legislation. This includes organizations, such as Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

The reality is that gun safety starts in the home with experienced handling techniques and not teaching children that guns are to be feared. However, for those families that need gun safety tools, the gun industry uses The National Shooting Sports Foundation to promote Project Childsafe.

This program distributes gun safety education information and even offers complimentary firearm kits, which includes a cable-style gun-locking device and highlights necessary gun safety handling and storage tips. Over the last decade, they have collaborated with law enforcement agencies to provide more than 36 million kits to gun owners across America, including offering multi-lingual brochures.

These kits are easy to install. Simply slide the cable through the magazine well and the gun cannot be fired or loaded. The same goes for revolvers, only you can run the cable through the cylinder itself. These simple locks accommodate rifles, handguns, semi-automatic and even pump shotguns.

The entire goal of this project is to raise awareness about safe gun handling practices, keeping both families and communities safe from unwarranted, deadly gun accidents. Since instituting this project the last decade has seen fatal firearm accidents decrease 33-percent; this is an overall reduction of 50-percent within the last 20-year period.

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