How Fashion is Influenced by Social Media

Jul 08 2014

Social media heavily influences today’s modern-day fashion. In fact, beauty and luxury brands worldwide are using this new marketing concept to connect with fashionistas on a global level.

Social media uses several marketing components to appeal to consumers.

Information – Social media allows designers to instantly tweet or post updates on product lines, new releases and industry-related news.
Community – This function helps to promote interaction, which then engages followers and starts dialogue. For example, tweeting about a new product line will generate buzz among followers, who will likely re-tweet this information.
Action – This is a critical component, as it urges followers to act on sales, donations or purchasing the latest product lines.

Several popular designer trends heavily rely on social media to connect with customers. This includes Net-A-Porter, LVMH, Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger.

Net-A-Porter is a luxury website that highlights fashion editorial contests. Their Google+ and Facebook pages rely on photos to drive conversions, giving shoppers an exclusive look at the company.

LVMH, commonly known as The Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessy brand, uses Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram to appeal to both English and French consumers. They highlight special campaigns, luxurious items, photos, videos and international best sellers.

Burberry tries to appeal to artists and celebrities, using Facebook to share videos and photos. Since it is an artistic brand, they engage consumers by highlighting emerging artists and featuring music tracts on Facebook. This helps Burberry attract a wider audience base, which helps further promote and solidify their brand within the industry.

Tommy Hilfiger helps use social media to announce major events and product launches, including offering announcements about his charity events and runway shows. Facebook followers receive exclusive access to content; photos and videos give them a complete behind-the-scenes look that makes customers feel special. Tommy Hilfiger has even used Facebook to promote trendsetting contests.

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